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Who Are We?

GorJus Whips is a cosmetic business for the skin and body based on plants of the environment.  Managing director and chairman, Jacqueline has been doing skin care for over 20 years and is now a self-made formulator. Although seeing a lot of clients, Jacqueline discovered that aging is not biological but ecological.

GorJus Whips was launched in 2014 based on Jacqueline's need to look for a luxurious plant-based product that would nourish and preserve the face, body and hair.  Most significantly, our products have been designed to fight and relieve harsh environmental damage from the skin as we harness the power of nature. There are no limitations to our products such as skin type, ethnicity or gender.


Our products have been developed to address various skin conditions. Gorjus Whips cosmetic line is derived from natural active ingredients, which makes it a winning formula for stunning, healthy, looking skin.

We view antiaging clearly.