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Our mission is to raise awareness about how the skin is influenced by the world you live. We agree that the skin has to be treated according to our climate.

We believe that everyone deserves the best care for his or her skin and that comes from sustainable products that perform naturally.

We say no to harsh chemicals, no to artificial perfumes and no to colors that can disrupt the longevity and health of your skin. We use only natural and plant based moisture ingredients, so you can trust all of our products to be gentle to all skin types. We believe All skin is precious. Just a labor of Love.



We'll  never leave you  guessing about the results. Because we have nothing to hide.  You deserve beautiful healthy skin from morning to night naturally.

Growing up in a south suburb of Chicago was pretty cool. Especially not knowing what you really wanted to be or do, So fast forward. Here is a short story of who and how I began. First, let me say that beauty has always intrigued me. Whether it was fashion, nature or people. My passion for the beauty industry started early at the age of 12 when I would watch my mom dress up and expertly applies make-up and witnessed first hand how beautiful and confident she was as she proudly transformed herself. Later in my teens, I loved reading beauty and lifestyle magazines like Vogue and Ebony which further piqued my interest and pursued a career in the beauty and skin care industry. As a skin care entrepreneur, Jacque, created GorJus Whips which was carefully developed from my need to find a luxurious all-natural product that would nourish and feed the skin and hair; a product with no restrictions such as skin type, ethnicity, or gender since everyone deserves beautiful skin. Thus was born GorJus Whips

Antiaging Naturally