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Our whipped body wash takes after the likeness of a lemon meringue pie.

Le'Moan is an exceptionally flexible body wash not exclusively to be utilized as a shower purging cream, it can likewise be utilized as a shaving cream. The Acai seeds preform an extraordinary exfoliation while the seed dissolves into the skin. The rich oil of Marula and a touch of Shea butter gives this creamy wash a clean and edge of freshness. This delicate souffle icing butter makes a mass of suds that will leave your skin astounding velvety.  We included a trace of lemon oil to this blend.


Body Washes
  • We guarantee that this body wash will exfoliate, hydrate and inundate your skin into a plenitude of saturating ableist of oils and butter. Meanwhile, we made this foaming wash to purge and clean the skin.